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The first thing to do when there is a fire, is to make sure that all the residents move away to a safer area without delay. Even though your property can be restored, a life lost cannot.

Fire damage restoration requires some serious work under the direction of properly trained professionals. At Newport Beach fire damage restoration, our primary objective is to revive your home, office or building back to a habitable property so that you can go back to your routine life as soon as possible.

House-fire gives rise to two type of smokes

1. Simple: This kind of smoke is usually released by organic sources of fuel such as wood and gas. It is usually soot free. And the process of cleaning doesn’t require a lot effort.

2. Complex: Complex smoke is produced when synthetic materials come in contact with fire. For example, items made of plastic, fabric, upholstery, wirings and furniture produces a lot of acidic soot and ashes, and this process is classified under incomplete combustion.

Reasons To Choose Newport Beach Fire Restoration

We provide you with competent services in the following area:

  • Refurbishing and remaking services
  • Fire Damage repair
  • Mold treatment services
  • Household items and fabric cleaning
  • Smoke and ash clean up

Checklist after the Fire has been put out

After the fire has been taken care of, the owners of the property should

  • Immediately check for all belongings, especially the safe and jewelry. In case of missing objects or suspicious activity, report to your local police immediately. Make sure all house items are intact and where you left them before the fire damage occurred.
  • Limit mobility around the affected area as this will prevent the soot from sticking to the surfaces. Do not start cleaning or scrubbing walls and floors because this will not help the soot come off. Leave this process to professionals to avoid further damage.
  • Open all windows and doors to allow ventilation of fresh air into the house
  • Avoid contact with switch boards, appliances, wires or any other electronics
  • Remove furniture and household items that have not been effected by the fire to avoid contact contamination. Wash all movable, non-electric and nonmetallic items. Applying oil, Vaseline, plastic foil (or a coat of any hydrophobic agent) on metallic objects will stop corrosion from advancing.
  • Do not consume food that has been exposed to dangerously high levels of temperature. Canned goods will produce toxic substance which can lead to disturbances in GIT so you should avoid those as well.
  • If your property is insured, contact your insurance company for fire damage repair or a private company as per your reach.
  • Do not dispose of anything unless your insurance company approves. Because some companies buy the vandalized goods and recycle them, many insurance companies don’t allow clients to throw everything that has been subjected to the fire.

Sharing is caring, so spread the word that the Newport fire damage restoration is open 24/7 and is available for immediate services as per modern standards.

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