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When a seasonal flood affects your home or a fire sprinkler bursts in your office, certain measures must be taken by water damage experts trained and certified for performing cold water extraction procedures to remove all water, both standing and hidden, from your location in a very non-intrusive manner. Cold water extraction is the very first step to a successful water damage restoration. Whatever water issue bothers you, we guarantee to have the proper solutions and equipment to help you overcome this crisis.

To successfully perform cold water extraction we eliminate standing water from the affected area to reduce existing damage and infiltration beneath floorboards or drywall. We are able to considerably reduce the damage considerably and recover most of your possessions before water gets the chance to infiltrate.

We will identify all affected areas, and evaluate the total loss to your property using industrial equipment to perform cold water extraction. We then extract standing water using submersible pumps, and finish the procedure using various water wands for pads and carpets. Our in-place extraction method allows us to remove water from both carpets and pads at the same time, using manual claws and extraction wands we reduce additional damage to your property.

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